Unprincipled engagements: emotional experience, expression and response



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Hutto, D. (2006). Unprincipled engagements: emotional experience, expression and response. In R. A. Menary (Eds.), Radical Enactivism Intentionality, Phenomenology, and Narrative: Focus on the Philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto (pp. 13-38). Amsterdam: J. Benjamins Pub. Co.

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ISBN: 9789027241511


Philosophically speaking, emot.ions are a nuisance, even the good ones. There are several reason for this. First, it is thought that they are a hangover of our animal natures that interfere with our rationality: they gum up our reasoning. This verdict has been familiar since the time of Greek philosophy, which is no doubt why being a cognitive scientist appears a respectable occupation, but being an 'emotive scientist' sounds like a blemish on one's capacity for professional judgement.

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