Enactivism: From a Wittgensteinian point of view



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Hutto, D. (2013). Enactivism: From a Wittgensteinian point of view. American Philosophical Quarterly, 50 (3), 281-302.

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American Philosophical Quarterly


Enactivists seek to revolutionize the new sciences of the mind. In doing so, they promote adopting a thoroughly anti-intellectualist starting point, one that sees mentality as rooted in engaged, embodied activity as opposed to detached forms of thought. In advocating the so-called embodied turn, enactivists touch on recurrent themes of central importance in Wittgenstein's later philosophy. More than this, today's enactivists characterize the nature of minds and how they fundamentally relate to the world in ways that not only echo but fully agree with many of the later Wittgenstein's trademark philosophical remarks on the same topics.

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