Necessary violence? Inscribing the subject of law



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Pether, P. J. (2013). Necessary violence? Inscribing the subject of law. In M. Freeman and F. Smith (Eds.), Law and Language: Current Legal Issues: Volume 15 (pp. 590-617). United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

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ISBN: 9780199673667


In 2004. a law professor at UCLA with a Ph.D. in Economics as well as a law degree (borh) from Northwestern University, whose law school has been one of the breeding grounds for the "empirical move" that has increasingly marked the rhetoric of scholarly value in the U.S. legal academy over the past decade, and who had been a player in the move to get the legal academy and profession to undertake empirical analysis of what they were actually doing as they went about the business of lawyer formation, got his big scholarly break.

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