Humberto Maturana: Interview



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Lucas, A. R. (1997). Humberto Maturana: Interview. Metascience, 6 (2), 59-70.

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Springer – Metascience


ECONOMISTS, businessmen, and politicians are fond of saying that corn petition is necessary for economic growth and human well-being. Using Darwinian evolutionary theory as a justification for this assertion, they claim that humans are 'naturally' competitive. "It's the law of the jungle out there", they seem to say, "that's why we need the capitalist competition of the marketplace. The 'survival of the fittest' is a perfect description of how the market should operate." But if humans really are biologically competitive, doesn't that legitimate the exploitation of the'weaker' by the 'stronger', the 'unfit' by the 'fittest'? Where might moral considerations and ethical responsibility fit into such a picture? And why is it so seldom that we ever hear any other case put to us?

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