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DiMuzio, T. (2010). Capitalizing a future unsustainable: energy, finance and the fate of market civilization (Video Podcast). "Crisis of Capital, Crisis of Theory": Conference October 29-31, Toronto Toronto, Canada: York University.

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This is the first in a conference series organized by the Forum on Capital as Power and sponsored by Routledge and Springer. The present meetings explore the dual crisis of capital and theory. There are 21 scheduled presentations, including keynote addresses by Herman Scwhartz and Randall Germain and guest presentations by George Comninel, Leo Panitch, David McNally and Jonathan Nitzan. The conference closes with a roundtable interrogation of capital, power and the future of political economy. (video/podcast of presenters available via conference website)


Debates on peak oil and other non-renewable energy resources that power modern industrial economies are becoming well known - if only in caricature.