Folk psychology without theory or simulation



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Hutto, D. D. (2007). Folk psychology without theory or simulation. In D. D. Hutto and M. Ratcliffe (Eds.), Folk Psychology Re-Assessed (pp. 115-135). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

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ISBN: 9781402055577


Folk Psychology is dead. Long live Folk Psychology!! This could be the motto of many of the papers in this volume. I too endorse the need to reform the standard assumptions about the function, scope and basis of our capacity to understand others in terms of what might be called - accurately, if rather cumbersomely - propositional-attitude belief-desire psychology. Yet, I stop short of proposing a successor. I take it to be a datum that certain populations of psychologically normal, adult humans do, as a matter of fact, make sense of intentional action by appeal to reasons. In speaking of 'reasons' I mean precisely what philosophers have long understood to be at the heart of discrete episodes of means-end practical reasoning - processes that result in intentions to act.

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