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Khorana, S. (2009). Diasporic dispersals and convergences the creative trajectories of a phd project. Transnational Literature, 2 (1), 1-6.

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Transnational Literature


My critical-creative PhD project is entitled Mehta's Film Trilogy: Theorising Transnational Production and Reception; Practising Diasporic Creativity. It began as a textual analysis dissertation with a video-recorded reception studies component in the University of Adelaide's Discipline of Media in February 2007. Now nearing completion, it has become more than a hybrid research project. Its creative and fluid trajectories are not unlike the dispersals and convergences of diasporic identity and cultural production itself. It has acquired the form of its content; it has come to manifest what it articulates. This reflective compilation aims to map the creative trajectory, while acknowledging the inherent contradictions of imposing any boundaries on a porous qualitative research practice.