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J. P. Cockburn and G. Weise 1987 Rituel Commun + Common Ritual, Paris. Australian Embassy 25 September to 30 October 1987


Jon Cockburn exhibited, in conjunction with works by expatriate Australian Artist Gerry Weise, at the Australian Embassy, 4 rue Jean Rey, Paris, France between the 25 September to 30 October 1987 in an exhibition entitled by Gerry Weise ‘Rituel Commun + Common Ritual’. The exhibition was listed in French art journal Art Press and gained other print media publicity (two further exhibitions of works by Cockburn and Weise using the title ‘Rituel Commun + Common Ritual’ also took place over the following months at privately run galleries in Reims and Toulouse). In August 1987, Jon Cockburn sent to Paris a total of 17 works for exhibition in the Australian Embassy