Better homes for the elderly needed



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Loo, E. "Better homes for the elderly needed." The Edge Weekly, March 4 (2013):

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You know you are getting older when hypertension and high cholesterol are what old friends tend to talk about at festive reunions. We wonder if we’ll break the average lifespan mark of 72 for Malaysian men, 76 for women.

Some athletic classmates, fi t and fast in high school, however, have died in recent years from heart attacks. They had not even touched 60. That reminds us, the awkward nerds then, of the time we have left to enjoy with our loved ones.

After the usual “remember when” moments, we wax nostalgic. We ponder over about “what ifs” and “how old are your kids” – after guesstimating who has chosen not to, or could not have, kids. Then, we slide into pseudo group therapy. We talk about retirement, change in lifestyle, body aches, empty nests and how we cope with the sense of abandonment when children leave the comfort of home for distant cities – and dif erent time zones – to start a blooming career and soon, a family.

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