Cognition without representation?



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Hutto, D. (1999). Cognition without representation?. In A. Riegler, M. Peschl and A. Von Stein (Eds.), Understanding Representation in the Cognitive Sciences: Does Representation Need Reality? (pp. 57-74). New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum.

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The book is based on the Proceedings of the NTCS '97: Does Representation Need Reality? Vienna, Austria, May 14-16, 1997. ISBN: 0306462869


In addressing the question "Do representations need reality?", this paper attempts to show that a principled understanding of representations requires that they have objective, systematic content. It is claimed that there is an interesting form of non-conceptual, intentional content which is processed by non-systematic connectionist networks and has its correctness conditions provided by a minimalist teleosemantics; but this type of content is not properly representational. Finally, I consider the consequences that such a verdict has on eliminativist views that look to connectionism as a means of radically re-conceiving our understanding of cognition.

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