Mind in action (Book Review)



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Hutto, D. (1999). Mind in action (Book Review). Philosophical Investigations, 22 (1), 112-115.


The thesis that the mental must have a causal aspect, or more forcefully, must be defined in terms of its causal aspect, is a ruling force in today’s analytical philosophy of mind. It has taken root so deeply that in some circles, such as cognitive science, not only is it beyond question, it limits the imagination to the extent that it is inconceivable that things could be otherwise. Bede Rundle’s book is an extended attempt to challenge this status quo by means of a ‘grammatical investigation’ in the tradition of Ryle, Austin and Wittgenstein. In the process it covers quite a number of diverse topics in the philosophy of mind such as: physicalism, consciousness, propositional attitude ascription, animal behaviour, intending and desiring, action, reasoning and decision-making and ultimately issues concerning freewill.

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