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G. Alexander, J. P. Cockburn and D. Mizzi Soft Attack: Artists Against Militarism 1984 Artspace Surry Hills, Sydney Artspace 04-22 July

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Soft Attack: Artists Against Militarism ISBN 0959197117 - Evidence and catalogue for a group exhibition that included Jon Cockburn held at Artspace in July 1984.


The image of the work is the death's head, the skull. A universal and extremely familiar if not hackneyed symbol. One that continues to pop up in such places as: Shakespeare's HAMLET ... Hitler's EUROPE ... Truman's JAPAN ... Kissinger's CHILE . . . Kissinger and Nixon and Mao and Frazer's VIETNAM and KAMPUCEA ... Sukarto and Whit lam's TIMOR ... Reagan and Breznev's AFGHANISTAN .. . Reagan's EL SALVADOR and HONDURAS and GUATAMALA and NICARAGUA and GRANADA .