Careless with facts or deliberate in distortions



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Loo, E. "Careless with facts or deliberate in distortions." The Edge Weekly May 13, 2013 (2013): 60.

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A friend emailed a photo story on May 3 of “foreign workers” arriving at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal, KLIA, in Sepang. It said the workers were being brought in to vote for Barisan Nasional (BN). Phantom voters! I checked with a colleague if the story was accurate. “Utter nonsense,” the veteran former editor said. I reverted to my friend who emailed the story. “What, you still have friends in the mainstream papers?” he quipped. “Don’t trust them lah.”

Indeed, it has been years since I referred to the mainstream papers. But, isolated from the campaign frenzy, I had to this time. User-generated speculation about the election was circulating in the social media network. Caustic commentaries were getting high hits in the alternative and mainstream news sites. I was appalled at the blatantly biased coverage. Were the media simply careless with the facts or deliberate in manufacturing consent to push their political agendas?

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