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J. P. Cockburn, Word Works Satellite Exhibition/Performance Event 4th Biennale Sydney 1982, Darlinghurst, Sydney Shepherd and Newman Warehouse Tuesday, 27 April


‘Word Works’ were performed by Jon Cockburn on Tuesday, 27 April 1982, 7.30-9.30pm, at ‘An Evening of Performance Art’ a satellite program organized by Derek Kreckler, during the 4th Biennale of Sydney, and held at the Shepherd and Newman Warehouse, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

The list of word works performed by Jon Cockburn included some, if not all, of the following titles

• Suicide

• Terence Maloon

• A Shove in the Right Direction

• The Reason Why

• Terry Smith

• Loosing Confidence...or Post Modern Sexuality

• of Joseph Beuys

• Four light pieces for interlude in a Performance

(Above word works written between early 1981 and April 1982).

Other participants in ‘An Evening of Performance Art’ on Tuesday 27 April 1982 were:

• Simone Mangos

• John Lyall

• Kim Machin

• Lionel Doolan

• John Gillies

• Sally Hollis-McLeod and Derek Ward