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R. Boulez and J. P. Cockburn, Travelling Head Exhibition, The Watters Gallery and environs, Sydney, 9 September 1981.


Throughout 1981 visiting North American performance artist Richard Boulez offered his head as an exhibition space to a selected number of Sydney artists. The artists were invited to do a work attached to Boulez’s head on dates that coincided with exhibition openings at The Watters Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney. Mr Boulez would visit the artist’s studio or work place prior to the opening. After the artist had completed the work Mr Boulez and the artist concerned would travel by public transport to the particular opening at The Watters Gallery, then onto a coffee shop, restaurant or theatre before Mr Boulez would retire and the exhibit end.

Artists who took part in the Travelling Head Exhibit with Richard Boulez were in order:

• Silvia Jansons

• Malcom King

• Tony Twigg

• Robyn Gordon

• Jon Cockburn

• Judith Blackall

• Joan Brassil

• Joan Grounds

• Janet Laurence

• Tim Harris

• Heather Dorrough

• Trevor Weekes