A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Communist



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Blackall, D. and Mclaren, N. (2013). A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Communist [audio-visual recording] Web. Sydney: open.abc.

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Denis Doherty ran for the office of Lord Mayor and Councillor of the City of Sydney in 2012. He is a long serving member of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) but ran on a joint Housing Action ticket calling for more public and affordable housing. In keeping with the profile of the party, he attracted just a small fraction of the vote.

Directed and edited by Nick McLaren

Cinematography and sound recording by David Blackall with mentoring by ABC Open Producer Sean O'Brien

Music: 'Which Side Are You On' original written by Florence Reece (1931)

Re-written and performed by Billy Bragg

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