The Fillet



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Harris, P. (2013). The Fillet. FCA Gallery, Wollongong, 4-13 June 2013, University of Wollongong.

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The exhibition explores a re-visioning of cloth and thread through the lens of both technology and the body. This first project in Wollongong, Australia explores fabric through the senses using a broad range analogue and digital technologies. The project approaches art making from the perspectives of research creation through scholarly activities and exhibitions, highlighting artists working across a range of disciplines including informatics-haptics, smart fabrics, wearable technologies, archaeology, sensography and the visual arts.


An installed work of cast bronze fabric that explores the wall paintings of fabric Fillets in the archaeological dig site in Paphos, Cyprus. This work was part of an exhibition, Inter-sensorial Threads that explore fabric across a range of disciplines, senses and through a range of materials.

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