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A. Noman Mohammad Atahar. Ali, Application of responsive regulation in the food safety regulations of Bangladesh (2013) 1 (1) Journal of South Asian Studies 1-9.


Bangladesh, a developing country of the South Asian region, has been suffering from rampant food adulteration for the last few decades. Recent studies revealed that numerous deaths along with countless physical illnesses are occurring as the consequences of this ongoing food adulteration. Several attempts have been made through to change the food safety regulations [FSR] of Bangladesh to combat this alarming issue. Unfortunately, the situation has hardly been changed. Rather it is getting worse day by day. However, Bangladesh has never changed the regulatory enforcement philosophy of its FSR to tackle this severe food safety concern. The current study is an endeavour to apply the responsive regulation theory [RRT] in the enforcement framework of the FSR of Bangladesh as an attempt to make it more effective and updated.