Gordon Bennett and Aboriginal contemporary art: the radical alternative



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McLean, I. A.. Gordon Bennett and Aboriginal contemporary art: the radical alternative. Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Utrecht, Netherlands. 16 October. 2012.

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Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art


Leading art historian Professor Ian McLean will take you through the world and rich and wide-ranging oeuvre of Gordon Bennett and developments in his work. He will place this in the context of wider shifts that occurred in the relationship between Aboriginal art and the contemporary art scene during the previous 30 years.

Ian McLean is an expert on Gordon Bennett's work. Currently he is Research Professor of Australian art at the University of Wollongong, specialising in contemporary Indigenous art. He has written several publications on Australian and Aboriginal art in a global context including How Aborigines invented the idea of contemporary art and The Art of Gordon Bennett and many essays about Gordon Bennett's art practic.

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