Directions for liberation science



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Martin, B. (2000). 'Directions for liberation science', Philosophy and Social Action, 26 (1-2, January-June), 9-21.

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Philosophy and Social Action


The radical science movement developed in the ferment of the late 1960s, in response to abuses of science such as the design and manufacture of weapons.[1] The movement never had as much of a profile as other social movements that blossomed around the same time, such as the feminist movement and the environmental movement. Furthermore, some of the campaigning organisations and magazines of the radical science movement are now defunct.[2]

Nevertheless, it can be said that the movement had an impact. It fostered and reflected a change in citizens' attitudes to science that continues to have ramifications. It might be said that the movement itself was vital, or alternatively that the movement was simply the organisational face of deeper changes in society. In any case, what changes have occurred?

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