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B. S. Bunt A Line Made by Walking and Assembling Bits and Pieces of the Bodywork of Illegally Dumped Cars Found at the Edge of Roads and Tracks in the Illawarra Escarpment 2013 Articulate Gallery Sydney Articulate Gallery 26/4/2013-12/5/2013

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Group show entitled "The Situated Line" and featuring five artists: Jo Law, Boni Cairncross, Michele Elliot, Ruth Hadlow and Brogan Bunt. My work involved a mixture of photographs, sculptural installation, drawings and an associated written publication


Make seven walks up from my home to places where there are illegally dumped cars in the escarpment bush. On each occasion, cut out a square section of a car with an angle grinder and carry the piece home.

This scheme provides the basis for a work that responds to the impure complexity of the local illawarra environment. The aim is not only to intervene, in a small way, within sites of vandalism, but also to descend down into the space where car and forest meet. The work takes shape partly as a set of sculptural samples and absences, and partly as field of action - walking, cutting, image-making and writing.