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Willis, I (2002). I. Journal of Visual Culture, 1 (2), 157-159.

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Over the course of the next two or three years, something will emerge from this section of the journal of visual culture by way of an implied discussion of the meaning of an event, and the forms of an appearance. This may be as an active, perhaps autobiographical, but certainly perplexed positioning of a self or an avatar, in relation to a world haunted, dreamed, observed, heard, thought and choreographed by Visual Culture.


1. The work must raise to the very highest level the art of quoting without quotation marks.

2. AVON: What about Blake?

SERVALAN: Ah, yes. Blake. I owe him so much. After all, it was he who brought you to me.

AVON: We made a deal. You promised me Blake.

SERVALAN: Blake is dead. He died from his wounds on the planet Jevron more than a year ago. I saw his body. I saw it cremated. Blake is dead.


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