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Leong-Salobir, C. Y. (2011). Food stories: culinary links of an island state and a continent. In I. Patrick. Austin (Eds.), Australia-Singapore Relations: Successful Bilateral Relations in a Historical and Contemporary Context (pp. 143-158). Singapore: Faculty Business and Law, Edith Cowan University.

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ISBN: 9789814022811


Foodways has increasingly become an important lens for the analysis of historical, social and cultural studies. Anthropologists and historians in particular view food consumption as ways of understanding cultural adaptation and social grouping. The food practices of a social grouping reveal rich dimensions of people's lives, indicating their sense of identity and their place within the wider community. As well, food is one of the most visible aspects of a community's cultural tradition. It is through food too that a social grouping "borrows" food practices and appropriate food items from other cultures to make them its own. This chapter intends to examine the ways in which cross-cultural links are fostered between nations through the food practices of their people.