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Wood Conroy, D. "Towards Aphrodite." Ed. Collett, A. A.. University of Wollongong: Kunapipi: Journal of Postcolonial Writing and Culture, 2012. 27-29.


I wasn't sure I could walk that far to be honest - 17 km seemed quite a long way for a day's walk. It had been in my mind for years to make the walk from new Paphos to old Paphos along the pilgrim's way mentioned by the geographer Strabo in the first century. He wrote that every year 'men and women came from other cities to celebrate all along the road' ITom the port at new Paphos to the sanctuary of Aphrodite on the hill high above the coast. I tried to research the ro ute by looking for the old ways through Yeroskippou, tracing the path through shrines as Stathis had suggested.