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Ihlein, L. M. and Milliss, I.. Yeomans Project. Winning artwork exhibited in the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award Exhibition. 22 September to 8 November. Fremantle: Fremantle Arts Centre, 2012.

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Regarded as Australia’s most prominent national award for prints and artists’ books, this year’s exhibition showcases the best and latest in Australian printmaking. With works by both emerging and established artists, the nationally significant award attracts entries that are technically masterful, innovative and conceptually challenging, presenting a fresh overview of this constanly evolving art form.


The Yeomans Project is an interdisciplinary research-based series of activities centred around the work of the innovative Australian agriculturalist, PA Yeomans, whose development of the Keyline System of farming later led to the worldwide permaculture movement. While Yeomans’ work is of fundamental importance to Australian agriculture and farming, it is employed by the artists as a model for the radical reinterpretation of the role of the artist as cultural activist.

Yeomans Project

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