Growing food: growing ideas: siteworks 2012 future food feast



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Miller, S. B. "Growing food: growing ideas: siteworks 2012 future food feast." RealTime .112 (2012): 1-5.

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Siteworks is an ongoing research project that understands the Bundanon Estate as a site for investigation and conversation across disciplinary boundaries. Since 2008, when Bundanon initiated an environment/ art relationship with the University of Wollongong's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and School of Creative Arts, there have been annual opportunities to undertake site-based research and interdisciplinary discussion. This article reviews the 2012 iteration which focused on issues around food including farming, production, food security, the slaughter of animals and the effect of climate change on top soil and water


The prototype for Siteworks was the creative development residency called Ten Trenches in 2009. Led by the Cohen brothers, creative producer and artist, Michael and scientist, Tim, this project saw auger holes drilled, and ten slot trenches dug, in order to examine the flood behaviour of the river from up to 8,000 years ago. The purpose was to reach the Pleistocene period when the sea was about a metre higher than present—a level which is predicted to reoccur within the next 100 years. The project culminated in the night-time performance, Site by Night animating the trenches, illuminating the flood plain and generating a sense of the extraordinary regenerative potential of our planet.

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