Local Government Approaches to Planning and Managing Conservation Connectivity and Wildlife Corridors (June)



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D. Bonjer, M. Fallding, S. Tan, D. Farrier, J. Powell and A. H. Kelly, Local Government Approaches to Planning and Managing Conservation Connectivity and Wildlife Corridors (June) (2012)

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Prepared for: Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities


The Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Populations and Communities (SEWPaC) has commissioned Eco Logical Australia (ELA) and associated contributors to produce a report that will assist in the implementation of the draft National Wildlife Corridors Plan at the local scale. Local governments may make important contributions to corridor development as they have roles in land use planning, development negotiation and approval, provision of public services such as education and incentives, as well as on-ground land management. However, the capacity and priorities of local government varies widely: dependent on the physical environment, population and development characteristics; financial situation; and jurisdictional context. Analysis of local government experiences, including successes and challenges, and enabling and limiting factors could assist in designing programs to enable local governments to be further involved in this work.

This report was commissioned by SEWPaC to provide:

• a review of existing state and territory government legislative and other approaches to wildlife corridor planning and the role of local government planning in implementing these approaches

• a review of local government approaches to wildlife corridor or related environmental planning

• a review of regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations and their interaction with local government environmental planning activities, including any implications of the different regulatory arrangements for NRM groups

• identification of barriers to local government wildlife corridor planning and achievement of conservation connectivity

• identification of potential opportunities for strengthening local government involvement in wildlife corridor planning and inplementation.

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