Bureaucracy - Friends of the Earth (Canberra)



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Kent, R., Martin, B., Plumwood, V., Thomson, A., Walters, R. and Watson, I. (1985). 'Bureaucracy - Friends of the Earth (Canberra)', 1984 and Social Control: Papers from the 1984 and Social Control Conference (pp. 25-33). Sydney: 1984 Conference Committee.

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Social Control Conference


Bureaucracy is an important modern phenomenon. Until a few hundred years ago, bureaucracies were found in only a few special parts of society. Now they are widespread, and continue to penetrate more and more aspects of life. Bureaucracy is a way of organising the work and interactions of a large number of people by the use of hierarchy, a high division of labour and a system of rules and standard operating procedures. Bureaucracy is the organising principle of most government departments, corporations, armies, political parties, communist regimes, trade unions and professional bodies .

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