The social construction of Australian peace movement demands



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Martin, B. (1985). 'The social construction of Australian peace movement demands', in P. Patton and R. Poole (Eds.), War/Masculinity (pp. 87-99). Leichhardt, NSW: Intervention Publications.

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The Australian peace movement in the 1980s has emphasised a number of demands for change in government policy or action. Some of the most important of these are

* the Australian government should take a stronger international stand against nuclear war;

* visits by nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed ships and aircraft to Australia should be banned;

* U.S. military and intelligence bases in Australia should be removed or internationalised;

* uranium mining and export should be halted;

* the Australian government should establish a more independent foreign policy in relation to defence;

* there should be a nuclear-free zone in the Pacific region and a zone of peace in the Indian Ocean region;

* programs in peace education and research should be established.

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