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Samuelsson, L. (2020). Getting creative with less. Recipe lessons from the Australian Women's Weekly during wartime. The Conversation, 20 March 1-6.

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The Conversation


Over the past few weeks, Australians have become used to seeing empty shelves in their local supermarkets. Coronavirus-induced panic buying has quickly depleted stocks of products like pasta, rice and flour. Major supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths have introduced restrictions on the purchase of these staple ingredients. Coles has also introduced "rationing" of minced meats. While this is not a genuine food crisis, these limitations will lead Australians to ponder the culinary possibilities of their pantries. Looking at Australia's most widely read women's magazine, the Australian Women's Weekly, shows us how Australians have dealt with food shortages in the past: with creativity, ingenuity and good humour.