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Lobb, J. M. "In the Air: whipbird/human/koel." 100 Atmospheres: Studies in Scale and Wonder.. United Kingdom: Open Humanities Press, 2019, 289-296. http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/one-hundred-atmospheres/

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One Hundred Atmospheres


At a time when climate panic obscures clear thought, 100 Atmospheres is an invitation to think differently. Through speculative, poetic, and provocative texts, thirteen writers and artists have come together to reflect on human relationships with other species and the planet. The process of creating 100 Atmospheres was shared, with works (written, photographic and drawn) created individually and collectively. To think differently, we need to practice differently. The book contains thirteen chapters threaded amidst one hundred co-authored micro-essays. "In the Air" asks questions about our encounters with bird life, and how reconsidering our relationships with birds might also allow us to live with the planet differently.