Diverse Australians on television: from nostalgic whiteness to aspirational multiculturalism



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Khorana, S. "Diverse Australians on television: from nostalgic whiteness to aspirational multiculturalism." Media International Australia 174 .1 (2020): 29-38.


The Author(s) 2019. This article delivers preliminary findings from a series of interviews with Australian migrant producers, directors and writers. With the increasing calls for diversity in the media generally, and on television screens specifically from a wide range of stakeholders (institutions like Screen Australia, advocacy groups and high-profile media personnel of colour), there is ample empirical evidence that our public and commercial broadcasters have a long way to go in terms of 'reflecting' contemporary Australia. There is also more emphasis on institutionalised strategies, and looking towards overseas models to make this happen. Using the discourses of official and everyday multiculturalism, this article unpacks what it means to 'reflect reality', versus the meaning of various kinds of aspirational content, especially in drama and comedy. Such an analysis is crucial to understand the value of diversity beyond the simplistic rationale of 'reflection', and particularly in a changing mediascape.

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