Options for dissidents



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Martin, B., Baker, C. Ann., Manwell, C. and Pugh, C. (1986). 'Options for dissidents', in B. Martin, C. Ann. Baker, C. Manwell and C. Pugh (Eds.), Intellectual Suppression: Australian Case Histories, Analysis and Responses (pp. 243-252). Sydney: Angus and Robertson.

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Angus & Robertson


What can individuals do to deter and oppose suppression? The previous chapters have given some idea of what suppression looks like in practice and what causes it. In this chapter we give an overview of the available avenues for action against suppression, with comments on their advantages and disadvantages. Because suppression takes many forms, and because the best course of action against it depends on the particular circumstances of each case, we do not wish to suggest a single solution, but rather to outline the options so that individuals and groups are better able to choose a successful defence.

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