Quotidian routines: the cooperative practices of a business elite



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Wright, C., Ville, S. & Merrett, D. (2019). Quotidian routines: the cooperative practices of a business elite. Enterprise and Society: the international journal of business and history, Online First 1-35.


Cooperative corporate behavior has often been explained through the social anatomy of business leaders and structural ties among firms. Our alternative approach investigates how quotidian interactions built trust and routines among a group of major firms in the Australian wool trade-a sector that required regular interaction to be effective. Deploying extensive archives of their meetings, we use social network analysis to examine interactions among the key group of firms and individuals. Through content analysis we infer the behavior and atmosphere of meetings. Finally, an evaluation of meeting agendas and outcomes demonstrates cooperation and a shared commitment to improving the operation of the wool trade in the 1920s.

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