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Khorana, S. (2016). Anti-rape media campaigns: A transnational perspective. Communication and the Public, 1 (2), 257-262.


This essay examines two cases of anti-rape media campaigns that originated in particular cultural contexts, but went viral online. The first of these is #ThisDoesntMeanYes campaign that began when four English women teamed up with renowned photographer Perou and hit the streets of London and snapped 200 women in their own clothing. The second is the It's Your Fault video in which a group of Indian female comedians lampoon controversial comments by public figures after the gang rape of a student in New Delhi in 2012. Given the specificity of the socio-cultural contexts, as well as the impact of transnational new media tools, the above campaigns can be read as largely transgressive in the modes employed to critique rape culture and intersectional in their emphasis on diversity and solidarity.



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