Introduction: The Body and the Globe



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Mackie, V., Marks, N. J. & Ferber, S. (2019). Introduction: The Body and the Globe. In V. Mackie, N. J. Marks & S. Ferber (Eds.), The Reproductive Industry: Intimate Experiences and Global Processes (pp. 1-13). Lanham: Lexington Books.


Stories of assisted reproduction from around the world are ubiquitous in the mass media.1 In March 2013, a Chinese couple, Shen Jie and Liu Xi, were killed in a car crash, five days before they were due to have embryos implanted through in vitro fertilization (IVF). After a legal battle, both sets of parents of the deceased couple were able to access the frozen embryos stored in a hospital in Nanjing. Through a surrogacy agency, two embryos were implanted into the womb of a Lao woman who traveled to China on a tourist visa and gave birth to a baby boy, four years after the death of the intended parents. The grandparents are now raising the child (Ramzy 2018).

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