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S. Crozier-De Rosa 2019 How fighting for the vote exposed the hierarchy of nationalisms in the UK The Militant Woman https://themilitantwoman.wordpress.com/2019/01/21/how-fighting-for-the-vote-exposed-the-hierarchy-of-nationalisms-in-the-uk/

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The Militant Woman


The Irish border, and subsequently Irish politics, have been declared ‘troublesome’ in negotiations over Brexit – Britain’s exit out of the European Union. As the BBC reports, "In 2018, the Irish border assumed a greater role in British politics than at probably any time since it was created." Yet, ongoing attempts to make sense of Brexit has led some commentators to claim that it is not troublesome Irish politics – it is not even Britain’s relationship with Europe – but rather, it is the relationship between the four-nation state United Kingdom and British democracy that is the problem.