Australia's Endeavours in Maritime Enforcement Securing Vast and Vital Oceans



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J. Wraith & C. Schofield, 'Australia's Endeavours in Maritime Enforcement Securing Vast and Vital Oceans' (2018) 6 (2) Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law 219-244.


Australia is deeply connected to the ocean. A uniquely large island nation with a long coastline and few close neighbours, Australia benefits from an immense maritime domain, the third largest in the world. However, with relatively few maritime enforcement resources and an extreme dependence on sea bourne trade, maritime enforcement Australia faces an extremely difficult task in monitoring and ensuring compliance with national laws throughout its maritime jurisdiction. We highlight current threats to Australia's marine environment including protection of natural resources, piracy, terrorism and illegal arrivals, and examine Australia's capabilities, legislation and approach to combating these risks. Essential to Australia's strategy is collaboration across domestic civil and defence agencies, use of innovative approaches and technologies, and regional and international partnerships through creative agreements and treaties.

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