Improving community-based fisheries management in Pacific island countries



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Andrew, N., Albert, J., Amos, M., Aram, K., Baereleo, R., Bertram, I., Blanc, M., Boso, D., Blythe, J., Campbell, B., Chapman, L., Cohen, P., Delisle, A., Eriksson, H., Hanich, Q., Hunt, C., Mills, D., Namakin, B., Neihapi, P., Raubani, J., Romeo, A., Schwarz, A., Sharp, M., Siota, F., Song, A., Sukulu, M., Steenbergen, D., Teemari, T., Tekatau, T., Tonganibeia, K., Uriam, T., van der Ploeg, J. & Wraith, L. (2018). Improving community-based fisheries management in Pacific island countries. Australia: ACIAR.

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Inshore fisheries are central to the rural economies and food supply of Pacific Island Countries (PICs), supplying food and serving as one of the few sources of cash for rural people. These fisheries are crucial elements in filling the shortfall in fish supply predicted to confront many PICs in the coming decades. No other production sector can fill the shortfall in supply in the medium term so securing a sustainable supply of fish from coastal fisheries is crucial.

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