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Georgeou, N., Hawksley, C., Monks, J., Ride, A., Ki'i, M. & Barrett, L. (2018). Food Security in Solomon Islands: A Survey of Honiara Central Market: Preliminary Report. Sydney, Australia: Western Sydney University. https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/1465453/Food_Security_in_Solomon_Islands.pdf

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Western Sydney University


The Honiara Central Market (HCM) is the largest fresh produce market in Solomon Islands. Understanding the interactions taking place at HCM between rural farmers and urban consumers is important both for rural producers who sell their produce to create wealth, and for urban residents who need fresh food. This study focuses on the HCM and examines the factors that affect linkages between rural smallholders and urban consumers of fresh produce. The findings of the study will contribute to public policy formation in Solomon Islands on future food supply and food security needs by identifying potential areas where stakeholders (i.e. Solomon Islands Government, development aid donors and non-government organisations (NGOs)) could cooperate to improve availability of, and access to, fresh produce at HCM.