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Georgeou, N., Hawksley, C. & Monks, J. (2018). Food Security in Solomon Islands: Preliminary Results from a survey of Honiara Central Market. Pacific Dynamics, 2 (1), 53-70.

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University of Canterbury


This article presents preliminary descriptive data findings from a study focusing on vendors and produce at the Honiara Central Market (HCM), the largest fresh food market in Solomon Islands and the main source of fresh produce for Honiara's growing population. The study aims to map the supply of fresh produce to HCM to provide baseline data that will enable the assessment of risks and vulnerabilities to the human and food security of Solomon Islands. This article first presents an overview of the relationship between human security and food security in Solomon Islands. It then provides a summary of the study method, before presenting descriptive data on HCM vendors and their produce. Data show that female vendors are most common at HCM by a factor of four to one over males. Most vendors are married and sell the food they grow. Most vendors sell leafy vegetables, fruits or root vegetables, and stay for between half a day and a day at market. The majority of most produce categories come from East Guadalcanal, and are transported by truck to HCM. The data supports the contention that the HCM provides an opportunity for rural farmers to earn income through the sale of produce as well as helping urban Honiara residents meet their food security needs.