The Innovation Ecosystem: Interrogating (trans)national gender (un)sustainability in the new business centre



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Howson, R. & Kerr, G. (2019). The Innovation Ecosystem: Interrogating (trans)national gender (un)sustainability in the new business centre. In J. Hearn, E. Vasquez Del Aguila & M. Hughson (Eds.), Unsustainable Institutions of Men: Transnational Dispersed Centres, Gender Power, Contradictions (pp. 41-54). London: Routledge. 2019

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The rationale for this volume is to shine a critical light on the nature of gender within the global institutional landscape, with particular emphasis on men and masculinities in the 'centres' of change. With the rise of the internet as a global phenomenon over the last 20 years, the nature of business institutions, globally, is in transition. In many countries across the West, traditional businesses aligned to industrial capitalism are showing signs that they are no longer able to sustain a financially viable position within globalized, even (trans)nationalized economies. This has prompted a newly found urgency to effectively reconsider economies in a way that can produce positive social, political and economic outcomes. Key to this reconsideration and its concomitant transition strategy is widespread governmental commitment to the expansion and development of new business centres that are focused primarily on the application of innovation. This has given rise to one of the most important institutional phenomenon for change across the global landscape: the innovation ecosystem.

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