'Time is on our side': Shipping and the coming of flight in the Pacific



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Steel, F. (2018). 'Time is on our side': Shipping and the coming of flight in the Pacific. In W. Anderson, M. Johnson & B. Brookes (Eds.), Pacific Futures: Past and Present (pp. 107-130). Honolulu, United States: University of Hawai'i Press. https://www.uhpress.hawaii.edu/title/pacific-futures-past-and-present/

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University of Hawai'i Press


Feats of long-distance oceanic voyaging over many centuries gradually 'revealed' the ocean's islands, established its boundaries, and shaped regional imaginaries. Moving beyond the formative and immortalized passages of the early modern period, this chapter aims to explore how rim states, imperial powers, and corporate actors perceived the future of the Pacific Ocean as a realm of transit - of routine, regular, and repeated travel - from the mid-nineteenth century onward. It begins with the advent of steam and ends with the negotiations arising from the entry of commercial aviation, which began to unsettle the centuries-long intimacy between mobility and the sea.

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