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McLelland, M. (2018). Art as Activism in Japan: The Case of a Good-for-Nothing Kid and her Pussy. In G. Meikle (Ed.), The Routledge Companion to Media and Activism (pp. 162-170). Oxon, United Kingdom: Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/The-Routledge-Companion-to-Media-and-Activism-1st-Edition/Meikle/p/book/9781138202030

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In this chapter I look at the various media discussions surrounding Rokudenashiko and her trial as well as activities that she engaged in to draw attention to her case. I point out how, even though the rationale behind Japan's obscenity law is to restrain and rein in text or representations that are considered injurious to the public good, in Rokudenashiko's case the international publicity she received has had the opposite effect and amplified both her own visibility and that of her message. However, not all recent obscenity charges in Japan have received this kind of international interest and support - and I also look at the conditions that have made Rokudenashiko such a sympathetic figure to her overseas supporters and the role that her media activisim has played in this.