Encounters with Performance/Art: Then and Now



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Miller, S. "Encounters with Performance/Art: Then and Now." What is Performance Art? Australian Perspectives. Ed.A. Geczy & M. Kelly. University of Sydney: Power Publications, 2018, 71-92.


Entering a dimly lit space, I brush past a middle-aged woman wearing a dark dress and the white gloves of a curator. She has a rope tied around her ankle. Nearby, a naked man stands playing the cello. The woman's face is obscured. She holds a mirror in her left hand, while her right hand hovers in front of the naked man's genitals. A little later, the woman adopts a mask-like animal head-perhaps a deer? And later still a fur coat-invoking animal. I have time to consider each action, attend to each object, and to listen. The experience is both visceral and evocative.

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