Dexter: "Remember the Monsters?"



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Turnbull, S. & Middlemost, R. "Dexter: "Remember the Monsters?"." Television Finales From Howdy Doody to Girls. Ed.D. L. Howard & D. Bianculli. New York: Syracuse University Press, 2018, 91-97.


It ends like this. A bearded Dexter Morgan (michael C. Hall) stares stony- eyed and silent into the camera. In the final moments of the last episode, Dexter is working as a lumberjack somewhere northern, drab, and cold. It's a long way from sunny Miami, where for eight seasons on the subscrib­er-based cable network Showtime from 2006 to 2013 a pastel-clad Dexter cheerfully analyzed blood spatter by day and stalked serial killers by night, dismembering them in his "kill room" and neatly disposing of them at sea over the side of his powerboat, mischievously christened Slice of Life.

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