Same-sex partnering and same-sex parented families in Singapore



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Tang, S. "Same-sex partnering and same-sex parented families in Singapore." Family and Population Changes in Singapore: A unique case in the global family change. Ed.W. Jean Yeung & S. Hu. United Kingdom: Taylor and Francis, 2018, 180-196.


Same-sex families are officially non-existent in Singapore; they are absent from official data censuses, not considered in state policies designed for the Singaporean family and not recognized within the prevailing heteronormative socio-cultural climate. Being gay is, after all, illegal in Singapore. Very little is, therefore, known about LGBT families in Singapore. This chapter provides the first account of local same-sex families within the domain of Singapore family studies. First, it contextualizes the existence of same-sex families within the diversity of family life in Singapore. Second, it follows closely two case studies: a female same-sex partnership and a lesbian-parented family, focusing on the couples’ experiences and challenges. Finally, it situates these case studies within an established international literature on same-sex families, paying attention to findings on the diversity of LGBT families and the well-being of children raised by lesbian and gay parents; this important body of research has emerged from countries where same-sex partners and parenting relationships have gained considerable legal and social recognition.

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