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Jacklin, M. "Vietnamese-Australian life writing and integration: the magazine for multicultural and Vietnamese issues." Migrant nation : Australian culture, society and identity. Ed.P. Longley. Arthur. London ; New York: Anthem Press, 2018, 201-212.


Vietnamese-Australian stories have attracted significant public interest in the last few years, particularly with the success of Anh Do's The Happiest Refugee (2010). When this book won a raft of Australian literary awards in 2011, it quickly became a bestseller and was selected for book-group discussions across the country. By the end of 2011 Do had been engaged by the Australian gov­ernment's Department of Immigration to deliver a motivational speech to selected detention centre staff - with the view that his fomily's story of escape from Vietnam, their subsequent adaptation to migrant life and their eventual making good in Australia would provide department employees with 'valu­able insight on refugee issues and how people are accepted into the Australian community' (Benson 2011 ). 1 Also in 2011, Anh Do and his wife, Suzanne Do, co-authored a children's picture book, The Little Refugee (2012), which was distributed to schools throughout southwestern Sydney during Refugee Week in 2012, along with an activity kit for classroom use (Roads-to-Refuge 2012). Do, who was already well known through his numerous television appear­ances before publication of his book, had enormous success in 2012 with a two-episode television program, Anh Does Vietnam, its broadcast providing a sizable ratings boost for Channel 7 (Enker 2012; Vickery 2013). In the same year Do began touring a theatre adaptation of the stories from his book, titled

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