The Enchantment of English: Professing Literature in Australian Universities.



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Dale, L. (2012). The Enchantment of English: Professing Literature in Australian Universities.(2 ed.). Sydney: Sydney University Press.

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ISBN: 9781920899721


The Enchantment of English is a study of the teaching of English in Australian universities, from its beginnings in the second half of the nineteenth century through to the 1960s and 1970s, a period in which universities proliferated and diversified. Written from the belief that every discipline is enhanced by understanding the arguments made for its existence and the conditions in which it was established, the author aims to help students and colleagues to think critically about the impact of institutional location in forming our habits of mind.

Amidst these stories of politics, critical debates, scrambling for appointments in specific areas and disputes about the need to satisfy the demands of students and the public for 'usefulness', this history reveals something intangible but durable: the power of the literary text over the imagination, and the power of the idea of England and its writers as a basis and motive for reading and study - hence, The enchantment of English.

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