Ally McBeal: Life and Love in the Law



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C. E. Sharp, 'Ally McBeal: Life and Love in the Law' in M. Asimow(ed), Lawyers in Your Living Room!: Law on Television (2009) 221-232.

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From Perry Mason and The Defenders in the 1960s to L.A. Law in the 80s, The Practice and Ally McBeal in the 90s, to Boston Legal, Shark and Law & Order today, the television industry has generated an endless stream of dramatic series involving law and lawyers. This new guide examines television series from the past and present, domestic and foreign, that are devoted to the law.


Love did not come easy to Ally McBeal. As a 30-something Boston lawyer, she just couldn't seem to forget her childhood sweetheart Billy. Ally was self-absorbed, angst-riddent, and constantly in search of Mr. Right. This quirky and self-confessed romantic became extremely popular during the late 1990s as the title character in the award-winning legal series created by lawyer David E. Kelley. Once the flagship of the Fox network, Ally McBeal presented a familiar world of glam lawyering, yet there was something different about it.

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